Luncheon, June 27, 2012

Luncheon, June 27, 2012
Today we were treated to a trip to Japan by our exchange student Rie Seto, The slideĀ  took us through the seasons, religion, festivals .and language of Japan. Key words were Tsunani, Ninja, Kinono Geisha and Karaoke. Rie was beautiful in her native costume. We wish her luck in her future endeavors.
Please remember that next Wednesday is July 4, and we will not have a lunch together until July 11. Have a wonderful July Fourth celebration.
After the 50/50 raffle and Happy Bucks, the meeting adjourned with the Four Way Test.
LEXIPHILES (Thanks Larry Bober) A dentist and a manicurist marriedĀ  They fought tooth and nail. A boiled egg is hard to beat. When a clock is hungry, it goes back for seconds

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